Shareholder Composition


Company Name Rapidus Corporation
Location 4-1 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan Kojimachi Diamond Bldg, 102-0083
Founded August 10, 2022
(as of Nov. 2022)
7,346 million yen (includes capital reserves)
Fiscal Year-End December 31
Management Tetsuro Higashi, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Jun. 1996-
President and CEO, Tokyo Electron, then became Chairman Emeritus in 2019 after being appointed Chairman and Corporate Advisor
Jul. 2019
Chairperson, Tsukuba Innovation Arena (TIA) (resigned in Mar. 2023)
Chairman,Semiconductor and Digital Industry Strategy Review Conference
Dec. 2022
Chairman, Leading-edge Semiconductor Technology Center (LSTC)
Atsuyoshi Koike, PhD., President and Representative Director
Oct. 1999
General Manager, Semiconductor & Integrated Circuits Group, Hitachi
Jun. 2002
President, Trecenti Technologies
Apr. 2018
President, Western Digital Japan
Senior Vice President, Western Digital Corporation (resigned in Sept. 2022)