Major Business Areas

  • Research, development, design, manufacture and sales of electronic components such as semiconductor devices and integrated circuits
  • R&D of environmentally friendly and energy-saving semiconductors and semiconductor manufacturing technology
  • Training and development of human resources for the semiconductor industry

Corporate Philosophy and Management Policy

Corporate Philosophy

To contribute to the fulfillment, prosperity, and happiness of people’s lives using semiconductors, we:

  1. Promote plant management with world-class development, technology, and manufacturing capabilities
  2. Collaborate with universities and research institutions to develop people and expand this field
  3. Further innovate toward a truly green society

Management Policy

  1. Create new industries together with our customers
  2. Develop and provide the world’s best cycle time reduction service from design to wafer processes to 3D packaging
  3. Establish new business programs in cooperation with world-class design teams, equipment manufacturers and material manufacturers